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Specialized Services

Hostile Employee Terminations

Worried about a confrontation with an employee during a disciplinary or termination procedure? We will provide officer(s) to standby to deter any violent behavior and to intercede should any occur. We will also provide additional patrol or an officer to remain at your facility to prevent any type of retribution from occurring.


Emergency Response Planning

Emergencies such as fire, medical, hazardous material or workplace violence can occur at anytime. Are you prepared? Allow one of our safety specialists to assist you in planning and preparing for these type of events in advance.


Site Security Assessments

Allow one of our experienced police officers to assess the vulnerability of your property to burglary, robbery or other types of security breaches. We will recommend physical security measures as well as procedures for you to implement to increase your security and safety.


Crime Prevention Seminars

Professionally presented training on such topics as robbery prevention, shoplifting detection, and personal protection can be delivered to your employees on-site to decrease your losses and increase their awareness.


Anti-Terrorism Instruction

Being a victim of terrorism is a valid concern to many people today. We provide current information on terrorist trends, anticipated risks and ways to protect your employees and property. The training is conducted on-site and includes an assessment of your facility.


Community Policing Programs

Working with the community to increase their participation in crime prevention has been a tremendous success around the country. We facilitate meetings with your neighborhood, apartment complex or other community to educate residents on how they can reduce crime and work with the police to make their community safer.

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